Send in any Applications or Payments to us before October 20, 2018.

Endurance Sports Marketing Group

3845 Tennyson St. #160

Denver, CO 80212

Volunteer For Our Races:

Dan Costello

(303) 960-6847

* Please know...if you volunteer for any of our races, we have over 15 other events and races to choose a free entry, and all volunteers receive a shirt, lunch, gift and free entry to a race of their choice.

 - Registration
 - Pumpkin Distribution

 - Water Stop/Aid Station
 - Bike Support/Bike Lead
 - Food Area
 - Finish Line Gifts

​​​Sponsorship, Expo Management, Registration

Dan Costello 

Mobile: (303) 960-6847

On-Site Logistics, Registration, Marketing

Craig Mintzlaff 

Mobile: (303) 931-5306

MonsterDASH Sponsorship Inquires:

Want to be a part of the fun?  Support a local event and put your company and product in front of thousands of fun loving Frankensteins? Vendor registration is now online in 2018! 

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