The NEW!! SPOOKY SPRINT in Broomfield/Erie Colorado for 2018

New in 2018-  At ESMG, we care about our trails, whether that’s a city sidewalk or a steep 14er, which is why we’re incorporating plogging into all of our races.   So you might be wondering, what is plogging?  Sweden’s latest fitness craze — plogging — has been making its way to U.S. shores for the past year or so. The term is a mash-up of jogging and the Swedish “plocka upp,” meaning pick up. In this case, litter.  So at each of our events we offering free entries to the following years race, or any of our other races, for whoever picks up the most litter along our course.  And plogging not only helps the environment, it’s quite good for your health. Think squats while jogging.  It really does burn some extra calories. Let’s clean it up.  #Plogging

We'll also be partnering with Design by Freedom in 2018 and beyond​.  In the coming years our goal is to transition to zero waste races and events.  Waste is a silent epidemic and as a company, we want to be a part of the solution.  Eventually, we'll showcase events that are zero waste and we'll be doing so with the help of Design by Freedom.  They offer tangible solutions for addressing the waste problem in everyday life and we're excited to be working with them.  We aim to jointly take this message to our patrons in 2018 and beyond.  

Endurance Sports Marketing Group has been a part of the event community in Colorado and nationally for over 14 years.  We manage and sell event sponsorships and have partnered with everyone from your local 5k to the Bolder Boulder, the Bubble Run Series, the Terrain Mud Run Series and several other national cycling events.  In addition to event management and sales, Endurance Sports Marketing also owns several festivals and events around Denver.  We most recently opened offices in Southern Germany to expand our Worldwide reach.

Specializing in "Family Events", we try to make the events an experience for all ages.  We are always creating fun events and looking for new partners and sponsors that share the same ideas and values for health, wellness and family friendly activities.

Our philosophy: A few simple guidelines...having FUN is more important than winning, it's not all about YOU (when there are 2,000 other attendees), the KIDS are more important than ADULTS, and everyone goes home with SOMETHING.  We think that if we stick to these guidelines...EVERYONE WINS!

Please let us know how we can make our events even better.  We encourage and always invite constructive feedback.  Our goal more is to make you return again and again...

Please contact Series Management at any time:

DENVER, CO            Dan Costello          (303) 960-6847   

​LOUISVILLE, CO     Craig Mintzlaff       (303) 931-5306