Endurance Sports Marketing Grouphas been producing and working on events in Colorado and Nationally for over 12 years....working on event expositions with such events as the Bolder Boulder 10k, Bubble Run Series, the Terrain Run Series and several national cycling events. Endurance Sports also owns and manages several Festivals and Events of their own. We most recently opened offices in Southern Germany to expand our Worldwide reach.

Specializing in "Family Events", we try to make the events and experience for all ages and running experience. We are always creating fun events and always looking for new partners and sponsors that share our same ideas and values for health, wellness and kids events.

Our philosophy: Having FUN is more important than winning. It's not all about YOU, when there are 1000 other participants there. The KIDS are more important than the ADULTS (we've already had our fun!). Everyone goes home with SOMETHING. If we stick to these, then EVERYONE WINS!

Please let us know how we can make our events better, more enjoyable to make you want to return again and again.....

Please contact Series Management at any time:

DENVER -        Dan Costello      (303) 960-6847   

​LOUSVILLE-    Craig Mintzlaff   (303) 931-5306

ATHENS GA.-   Ashley Travieso  (770) 262-4094